The Artsy Contest !

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog ☺️. Thanks for response I’ve received on my Crystal notes 🙂. Thank you so much.💕🥺.

♪Rules ♪

Draw or paint any mood board , drawing, painting anything you can or like .

  • Take inspo from internet or Pinterest and Snapchat or anywhere.
  • Don’t send screenshots from internet. It’ll be disqualified
  • Mood boards should be made in a particular colour choice eg if you choose green 💚 everything in that mood board should be in that color .if it’s a drawing or a painting then it can be of your choice.
  • Send your mood board or artwork on my email anitaupadhyayanita79@gmail.com
  • Don’t be rude or offensive, don’t spam other wise your entry will be eliminated entirely by Google email and I’ll not be able to see it .

✨ Important things ✨

And one more thing the last date of submission is 20th August before 12.00 pm . And no entry will be accepted after that. Date of result will be on 20th August after 12.00pm IST .

What you’ll get ?

Don’t worry if you loose . There’s everything for everyone.

  • All participants will get a certificate and their mood boards will be displayed on my site .
  • A separate page will be made for them .
  • Winners will get a certificate plus a chance to collab with me.
  • Winners can suggest me ideas for my future posts .

So that was all about the contest . If you wanna sign up email


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