Good bye August 🥀

Hey ahoy matte ! It’s like just 4 months felt until new year wohoo ! 💙

Life update

August was good overall . The festivals went well . The rainy days were problem sometimes . My mood was sluggish. School was kinda boring and hectic . Exams are about to start from 17 sept yes, then my competition vocal went well . It’s was all new experience to me , i have 2 more 😅but I’m studying too . Today i had my sst test and the questions were hellish . After the test sir said some questions were out of syllabus and he did that for purpose! Said will give marks to those who attempted it ! 😭 Like what ! I watched some movies too . Music noope not listening music these days. Days been busy . School school and school that’s it 🙄. Not enough sleep , appetite loss , Non chalant . That’s what my mood is like


A Thursday 5/5

Morbius 3.5/5

Spider man no way home 4.5/5

Ms Marvel stuck on the last episode 😅 4.8/5

Jurassic school 2/5

Rrr 5/5

Major 5/5

The Avengers 5/5



Till dusk and dawn

Goals review

Relax 🙄 not really but 5050

Study never enough

Watch movies on my tbm 😭 I didn’t

Goals for September

September is a month of exams , half yearly which just irritate me most ! I hate this month but if you have your bday 🎂 in September month then happiest birthday 🎉🎁. October we have picnic we’re going to museum of illusion! Charging 1000rs! Like what I’m not goona go as i want to sleep all day after straining myself whole September for exams 😅😌😔 gotta do it anyway . Wish me luck 🤞so no goals for this month

Bye 👋✨


6 thoughts on “Good bye August 🥀

  1. It’s actually EVIL how fast the time is flying??? WASNT IT JUST FEBRUARY YESTERDAY??? Good luck on all the exams though!! Midterms start in a week for me too and am basically FREAKING OUT 😫 also omgg YESSS a thursay is SUCH a good movie!!

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  2. Hey, good luck for your exams and happy september!
    Yes, time is just literally passing😭
    Btw thank you, I got some movie suggestions😅
    Nice post, I enjoyed reading it❤

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