The pinterest tag //Second original tag of mine πŸ˜…

Hey everyone , welcome back to my blog. Guess what I was bored to do what I’m doing nowadays . So I’m introducing a new tag 🎷The pinterest tag !

What to do ?

Well , Go to Pinterest. Search your thing . And it should be a collage or an image . Choose categories as per your choice . Write a post on this tag . And fill it with the collages as per the categories. It’s gonna be cool at the end . Don’t forget to tag me πŸ˜‰

1 Song

Hmm….my favourite song ~ daylight by TS πŸ’

Wow! Loved it πŸ’•

Favourite movie

So as y’all know I’m such a huge movie buzz . Favourite movie franchise is Marvel right ? But this time I’m gonna do Harry Potter. You know what I wanted to do lord of rings but …. I didn’t watch it 😝. So yeah i don’t know anything about it. But the upcoming season of lord of rings : rings of power is gonna be sooooo cool and amazing just like endgame . For now I’m gonna say …uhm …. There’s so many ! Maybe captain Marvel . Oh yes !

Ah !!!!!!! It’s so vintage and so cool 🀩 just Carol Danvers vibes ✨

This is good 😊 . Rate all these collages from 1- 5 !

Song that makes you cry Lemme ….

Um …. Heat waves 😍

Best summer outfits!

I’m not an expert in fashion but these two

Are awesome

These colours match with each other perfectly!

This is cute

✨Nomination ✨

Anyone who wants to do this!

After disappearing from 6 days I’m posting this tag well i must say these images are soo beautiful and cool ! So this tag initially represent the beauty of an image or collages or edited snaps. Bye πŸ‘‹ .


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