Anny and the magical book |blog #1 |The starry night!

Narrator (Anny) : hey everyone! So excited to tell that our school has set up a painting competition! But it’s after 2 days from now! And my Nana is at home so let me introduce her! Or she gonna do herself ( Nana entered the house)

The magical book ✨

hey you old buddies don’t you feel you’re more older than me? Uh? ” nana said. “haha “(sarcastic laugh) of anny’s daddy. “I’m only here to meet my sweetheart, my Anny ” Nana said. She’s not here mother said . Where is she? She’s at her school . Oh! *Sigh * . Nana went upstairs and put a book inside her drawer. And went down to have rock with the family!. Meanwhile Anny’s at the school, so what’s your plan for the painting competition? Maggie said. IDK like there’s so much to do Anny said . Hmm… ( Sophia entered the class) oh look these boring souls. Go get your ideas losers cause I’m gonna win anyway !

Narrator ( Anny) : she’s the perfectionist of our class. BTW she’s newcomer but eventually every teacher started loving her and she got the chance to participate in the district art competition and raises my insecurities like now where! That’s why I don’t like her!

Sophie : oh come on you gonna lose (flaunting her new glasses and leaves)

What she wants from us? Maggi angered she never liked us anyway let’s go home now! Anny said. It was our half day at school. She’s hoping that Nana stay little longer so that she could meet her.

Mom where’s Nana? She’s gone she said it was getting late for her to perform at the street gala of LA! What!? Is this thing exists? IDK your Nana is a weirdo 🤭.

She goes to her room. And lied on her bed. What should I do? Then she remembered that Nana was going to bring her a present 🎁. So she searched for it in her room and found it in the drawer. This is it, a book! Surprisingly. The magical book reads the title. She’s thinks I’m in 5th grade or a preschooler or what! Throws the book. She called Maggie and asked what’s you gonna draw!? Nana gifted me a children’s book like what!? She thinks I’m still that small girl with two ponytails! Come on chill out girl Maggie said…. Suddenly Anny saw some sparkle coming out of the book she said is this some kind of graphics or sort of? What happened Anny? I’m coming maybe it’s a bomb! Don’t touch it! Okay Anny said and cut the call.

The book opened itself and a man or dawrf what is this!? Whoa is this a hologram? No I’m not a gram? I’m domrom . What!? Maggie came and astonished. What the hell is this? I’m calling the cops. No! Wait! This is domrom . Are you gonna kill us? No! Your Nana has this book in her childhood she was the princess of magicixy. What’sthis? It’s an country. So we can go in this book. Yeah . Let’s go! Wait what! Sophia is gonna win and my reputation is gonna in vains! No Anny. Your nana has left you a magical world to learn and apply it in this real world. Let’s go! They all went in that book. Wow! What’s this? How beautiful is this?! Welcome to magicixy! There were purple and pink mountains all over blue sky with purple clouds! There were people wearing white red purple green all colorful dresses and their hair was so cool they were in ocean blue and purple and black and brown with diamonds 💎! Yeah they have diamond hair clips! Maggie said she gonna buy all of them! Then dorom took them to the castle 🏰. It was made of glass and diamonds! And on the silver and so beautiful throne a lady was sitting. I’m Bella not swan! Oh did you watch twilight? What you doin Maggie? It’s not the time to ask this! Oh no offense yeah I’ve I didn’t like it! Me too!…. Well this is a little world resides in this book created by your grand grandma. She created this ! She knew magic? Yes! But why she created this? Well as I’m the part of this book and meant to be performed as its written I can’t tell you, the writer didn’t gave me much thoughts!And whoever reads this book is meant to be special and it is! I told you Anny you’re special! So now that you’ve come please join your little hands to paint on our artistic wall , there , whoah! This is a wall! At least someone cares about your art Anny?! Now you gotta think girl! Oh okay lemme. Dorom can’t you suggest something? Yep in our school they taught us about the starry night why don’t you try it? Yeah thanks. She started her painting and everybody’s just watched her the whole time! Even the queen! She stopped and said tadaa! How’s this!? And was surprised to see that everyone was watching her! Whoah I know it’s not that good. No! It is! Dorom said with joy. Maggie screamed. Everyone applaud her! It seems we gotta go. It’s my study time. Shall we queen? Yeah Anny. Dorom Sent them back and the book closed again sparkles all over. Wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Me too!surreal! Why Nana created all this? IDK well did you decide what you wanna make? Yep thanks to dorom. What bout you? I’m gonna illustrate my modern art! Oh! That’s sounds good.

I’m Anny, inspired by me!
I’m Dorom the servant of queen bella
I’m Maggie Richie rich! 😘

Narrator (Anny) : I painted the starry night and got first place and of course Sophie died of jealousy! Hahahaha one of my evil laughs! But why Nana created magicixy? Meanwhile I have to meet Nana for solving this mystery.

Chapter 2 will be live soon! Till then tell me what character is your favorite? And think why Nana created magicixy?!

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