February warp up // goals //✨✨

Hey everyone welcome back To my blog hope you are well and happy!

So I see everyone posting February wrap up *felt guily of not posting this as I posted Jan’s. I don’t know what it’s for like…. you know, what have you posted on this day or otherwise! Anyways start this * forgot to close strikethrough.

Posts I posted!

*above line – don’t trust it! I myself don’t know what I posted in February 😅

I need to eat almonds!

The I’m cool tag! – well I guess I didn’t like this one, as it doesn’t work well.

A tribute to nightangle of India #lata mangeshkar#a legendary – so this post is actually a tribute to a very talented singer.

What am I reading these days 📖plus it’s pre-review ✨🤭#dork diaries

Things I relate with dork diaries #

Types of me

Types of students we all must have know!#3 relatable things

And much more! Im a lazy bone so I’m not gonna paste them here!

Goals accomplished

Just been a consistent blogger! Although my goals for February were – Posting some posts about my ideas (stuck in on there) were accomplished!

Accomplishments this month

Reaching 20 followers! Plus getting 200 likes plus doing collabs with amazing people!

So I have my science exam on 2nd march! And trust me it’s so hard! Atomic mass, molecular mass, virus and bacteria bla-bla

So I know I’m gonna cut my brain in half after revision ! 🤣 so let’s see! Lol

PS – I didn’t decide my goals for March.

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