The ancient books #tbr #writing challenge

These days nobody plays with us

We’re covered in dust

Alive on hope to be read

Books are never dead

Remember when you’re told that we’re your best friends

This is a beautiful dream that’s never end

Harry Potter, the BFG, The Lord of rings

Are the stories I’ve been into

But later they forced me to sing along

A fictional, thriller, action, crime drama Song

Maybe these days nobody plays with us

But we’re always a thing to discuss

On your book shelf waiting for you

To pick up dust me off get through me to a magical world…


16 thoughts on “The ancient books #tbr #writing challenge

    1. Really glad when people someone like you reply .thanx don’t forget to reblog and be happy 😀 that’s really big smile… I love fictional books BTW I’m from India (you didn’t guess)

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      1. I agree. The old books on a bookshelf bring back memories.
        My husband has recently declared he’s going to reread all the books on our bookshelves. Good luck with that.

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